About us

High Grade Homes is family owned and operated, and has been since we started building homes in 1987. The pride that our family takes in each homeProudly supporting minor hockeythat we build is evident in every part of the build process – from the personalized service that starts the process to the focus on quality throughout the build, we work hard to ensure your dream home turns out to be exactly that.

Experience that makes all the difference.

Building homesRichard Mulawka is the owner and founder of High Grade Homes. His personal attention to each home is a large part of the reason that High Grade Homes has the reputation for quality that it does. He has been in the home construction industry for over thirty years, and that extensive experience takes the worry out of home construction. His attention to detail at every stage means you can count on a home-building experience that is as enjoyable as it is rewarding.

“My first priority is building a house that really feels like a home. No worries, no stress – just a quality home at a reasonable price.”

A solid commitment to your satisfaction.

Jodi Mulawka is High Grade Homes’ Bookkeeper, ensuring smooth financial transaction for customers and sub-trades alike. Jodi is also responsible for the beautiful design and finish choices for all of High Grade’s spec houses.

Muriel Mulawka is High Grade Homes’ Office Manager who focuses on ensuring the smooth operation of all facets of High Grade Homes.

Brian Mulawka is the Marketing Manager for High Grade Homes – and he takes that responsibility seriously. His enthusiasm for quality construction, innovation and customer satisfaction makes him a great addition to the High Grade Homes team.

Madden Mulawka is responsible for the High Grade Homes’ “future development” division. Though he doesn’t have any specific responsibilities just yet, other than coffee delivery, and he is too young to actually work with High Grade at the moment (and too young to actually be in a running Bobcat!), as the photo shows he is more than ready to get at it as soon as they are old enough!

“As a team we’re confident that we are able to provide a full range of services that will result in complete customer satisfaction.”